A downloadable game for Windows

Traitor Arena is a fighting arena game realized in 3 weeks (by Achraf AYADI, Selami BOUDJERDA, Sophie GABAY & Bady MEBARKI).

The goal is simple, you need to defeat waves of enemies as quickly as possible.

You can play alone or with friends in coop mode or in versus mode.

Gameplay Video

Thanks to ArmorDonio for the video.


Traitor Arena is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Limited or The Walt Disney Company. Star Wars and Star Wars character names are trademarks of Lucasfilm Limited / The Walt Disney Company. Traitor Arena neither owns nor claims to own any portion of the Star Wars franchise. Traitor Arena is an unaffiliated, fan-created game based off of products owned by the companies listed above. All custom artwork and coding for Traitor Arena is credited to their creators, but intellectual property is owned by the above as well.




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An awesome game!


yep they are


i bet aundei and gene are playing games look at them

smero2 was here

thareen was here

its not letting me download

This is strange because I have no problem to download the game.

Here is the mega link if you want : https://mega.nz/#!xhglTB5a!Cm7KkjnHITRz-D-BXtswOg7SBgiu5JOnUjBpSBIGquM

still not working

Now, it's really fixed ^^ !

it is not leting me download


It's fixed ! Have fun !